The story I never told, I’ll tell now

Not long ago I was going to go to a school to read my book

Gratefully Going GREEN.

The school was giving me a certain amount of time to read my book and interact with the students by asking questions, answering questions and maybe telling my story. I thought that I would have time to spare that I would need to fill. As I say below, as I was resting a story came to me that I wrote down. I didn’t have time to draw any pictures for the story so now you can draw the pictures either on paper or in your imagination. Have fun. You’re the artist.

Pond and Pebble cover pagePond and Pebble page 1Pond and Pebble page 2Pond and Pebble page 3

Weekly Free Green Poster

Yes, every week I will post one of the five Green posters from Gratefully Going GREEN. This week it’s, “G is for Grateful”.The print size of this econo-eco poster is 11″ X 16″ but you can reprint it at any size as a school book cover, banner or even as a sign or placard in a march or post it on a bulletin board. Anywhere a gift of Grateful Gratitude gets a grin and says that going green is positive and also possible. Have a great green day. :{oGrateful poster