Order your copy

Order your copy of  Gratefully GGG gift packetGoing GREEN today!
from:    Gratefully Going GREEN P.O. Box 42066  R.P.O. Champlain, Vancouver BC Canada  V5S 4R5

New Reduced Price. .covers printing, postage and what’s left will go to help others. (I will report monthly how your extra gift from the purchase price was a help to others.)

Send a Postal Money Order, Bankers Certified Cheque for $10.00 Canadian          ( Please make payable to David J. Hiebert )

 or two $5.00 Canadian bills or one $10.00 Canadian bill

Along with your payment please include your name and your full address. (please print).
…..then it won’t be long and you’ll be enjoying Elm and Willow’s story too.

I’m sorry that with the raise in postage costs, I can not take orders from outside Canada. For those of you in other Countries, please do the “pay it forward” download … and spread some Green around, so Everyone can “discover a fun new way to spell GREEN”.

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